Friendly Fire, review

A Spider Shepherd short story

15/07/2013 21:54
Stephen Leather: Friendly Fire A Spider Shepherd short story Published by Leather This, in a nut shell, is a decent and very well written Story by Leather, on the adventures of Spider Shepherd in the army. On thinking he was about to have the pleasure of temporary leave of duty to go back...


Joyland, review

A Hard Crime Novel

15/07/2013 21:45
Stephen King: Joyland Published by Titan Books A Hard Case Crime Novel Being fans of Stephen King's work for as long as we can remember, ie back in Secondary/High School when other students were reading Goosebumps stories and learning Shakespeare in English class, we found that this...


Zom-B 3 Review

Zom-B City Review

03/07/2013 16:35
Author-Darren Shan Publishers-Simon & Schuster UK Ltd In the third book of the Zom-B saga by Darren Shan, we take a look at B Smith's life on the outside World for the first time as a Zomhead. A ZomHead is a zombie that has revitalised, meaning that they have gained conscious thoughts...


Short Story Day reviews

Kurt Thought Patterns - Review

24/05/2013 19:50
Author - Justin McLachlan "Kurt Thought Patterns - a short story"   This is an intriguing short about a journalist named Kurt who can hear peoples thoughts as they happen. As he was about to go on air with his Co-Anchor however, he had the clearest message yet ... "We're all going to die" This...


Cat's Eyes - Review

24/05/2013 18:39
Author - Stephen Leather A short Story taken from the "Short Fuses" release all by Stephen Leather   "Cat's Eyes" is a story of a woman who has lost her way, in Thailand, and has opted to work in a pole dancers club at night. After a man who for the course of the story goes by the name Roger,...


The Three Little Pigs (with a Twist) - Review

24/05/2013 16:48
Author - Sukina Campos Illustrated - Zabell Basmadjian Based on a traditional folk tale:   This well known folk tale was adapted with a bit of a sadistic twist and is possibly, (possibly) NOT suitable for the younger reader, however, it IS still the same tale, broken down into a bit of a...


Hagurosan - Review

24/05/2013 14:23
Author - Darren Shan Illustrations - Zack McLaughlin Published - Barrington Stoke Ltd   This is a story about a boy, Hagurosan, who was asked by his Mother to bring an offering to the spirits of the mountain, a cake, which he did not do as he ate the offering. As punishment, he was told he...


The Girl In The Pink Converse Shoes - Review

24/05/2013 14:08
Published by Yaritza Garcia   A super short story that dips us in and out of a newly in love couple from school's life. Miles, a geek, was at a Halloween party when suddenly a girl with blonde hair and pink converse shoes kisses him and then runs away. He doesn't catch a look at her face and...


Mylo Xyloto Comic Review

Mylo Xyloto Comic Review

16/04/2013 16:34
Coldplay have released a comic, along with co-writer Mark Osborne. This is FREE today (16th April 2013) and is part of a six episode story. Mylo Xyloto is a tale about a World in fear. There are different groups of beings living in Silencia, the Silencians, the Eaters, the 13 Irdoks who have tried...


Zom-B 2 Review

Zom-B 2 Review

13/03/2013 20:25
Title: Zom-B Underground Author: Darren Shan Publishers: Simon & Schuster UK Ltd Illustrations: Warren Pleece   *SPOILER ALERT* Continuing on from Zom-B, the first book in the series, “Underground” offers a fascinating insight into the life (or unlife) and thoughts of a zombie. The first...


If Snow Hadn't Fallen, Review

If Snow Hadn't Fallen

16/02/2013 20:04
Title: If Snow Hadn’t Fallen ( A Lacey Flint Short Story) Author: S.J. Bolton   Very much a crime/mystery story, based upon a gang of masked unknowns who murder a young Asian man in the middle of a public park, in broad daylight, by burning him alive. The detective, Lacey Flint, happens to...


The Blessing of Brokenness


22/01/2013 08:19
Author: Karin Slaughter Publishers: Century     "The Blessing Of Brokenness" is a short story by Karin Slaughter, which tells the tale of a woman, Mary Lou, who through helping out at her local church for years, and having a kid who has grown up to be a bit of a tear away, and having had...



Author : Darren Shan

Title : Zom-B

Publishers : Simon And Schuster


Having never read a “Shan” novel before, I was unsure of what to expect from number one best selling author of the young adult series Cirque du Freak.

What Shan does in this grim story of B Smith’s life at home, and at school, is open up our eyes to the fact that, even in this day and age were we are more accepting to the differences in race, sexuality, background, and financial differences, RACISM is still an everyday issue for some families.

“B Smith has always had to deal with a racist father and nightmares of killer babies, but life is about to get a whole lot worse. Welcome to B’s dark and twisted world...”

Having grown up with a racist for a father, B has had to deal with violence and vulgarity throughout life, often being beaten when a drunken parent lashes out, or when there is an article on the news on television told by an Asian news reporter, having B’s father swear at and throw things at the screen.

An unusual news story comes on one day though, which seems to feature something truly terrifying. A breaking story of an outbreak of violence and death in an Irish town called Pallaskenry, where the whole place looks to be in uproar. The folk caught on camera seem to be terrified of the events going on, and talk of zombies actually existing circulate. Soon the stories become a talking point, and then before long the inevitable happens and an outbreak sweeps B’s town, and friends and schoolmates are being attacked all around.

Another mysterious going on is that the zombies might not be acting mindlessly. A crazed group of mutants appear to be controlling them, and a whole series of goings on and strange behaviour develops within the story.

Fans of The Walking Dead will love this, perhaps slightly tamer, tale of flesh eating zombies tearing about the streets, story. The dark edge of having racism as a secondary storyline is, in some respects, more chilling, with each and every turn and twist the plot takes right to the very last word.

Zom-B is a book that, I personally, could not put down from the moment I picked it up, and with it being the first in a series of twelve novels by Shan, I eagerly anticipate some more flesh chomping action.

8/10 Blogger Points

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