Zom-B 2 Review

13/03/2013 20:25

Title: Zom-B Underground

Author: Darren Shan

Publishers: Simon & Schuster UK Ltd

Illustrations: Warren Pleece



Continuing on from Zom-B, the first book in the series, “Underground” offers a fascinating insight into the life (or unlife) and thoughts of a zombie.

The first book ended with the main character, B Smith, being mauled by a hourde of zombies inside her school, which was attacked, and the final line has us believe that B dies...However it would seem that there is a whole load of unfinished story to tell.

B, whom we also find out in Zom-B is actually a girl, Becky, wakes up and finds herself in a strange cell like room and is unable to speak, cry, yawn or perform various other basic human functions. There are zombies walking around and Becky’s first instinct is to run, until she notices her bony hands and realises that she is one of them, When a group of leather suited folk enter the room with weapons and flamethrowers she can’t help but feel like she should side with the zombies and it all escalates when she, herself manages to knock down one of her assailants. She is put into a cell on her own. Then the occasional visitor comes in the shape of Reilly, a scientist who through time explains to her that she can regain her speech and a bit of her former life styles with various given treatments, and keeping on top of her self maintenance, ie: filing her teeth.

From here the story plunges into the unknown as we discover social activities, and different sub-species of zombies, called ZomHeads.

She meets others who are like her, (revitaliseds), and tries to find out what they are and why they are what they are, and why they are all kept in the cells in this underground building.

Eventually all Hell breaks loose and soon Becky finds herself in even scarier situations, after meeting a scary clown, Mr Dowling, who seems psychotic.

As I said earlier, an extremely interesting point of view, of a first person account of a zombie’s life. It brings a fresh look at the survival horror genre, and a welcome one at that.

Two books in and we are well and truly hooked, and with the third instalment just around the corner in the shape of “Zom-B City”, you can guarantee that we at BlogDangerous will be flying the Darren Shan flag high for a while to come yet!

Strongly recommended.

9/10 Blogger Points.